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Feeder mixer knives are usually equipped with several cutting edges. Once an edge is worn the other edges are subsequently put into operation by rotating the knife. The knives are fi tted in the factory in such a way that the cutting edges are at the correct angle to the auger in order to ensure an optimal cutting process with a minimal power consumption (see fig. 2).

Knives are often fi tted incorrectly when rotating the knife after an edge is worn out and can no longer be used or when fi tting new knives during operation.
The same situation can arise if hard objects are to be found in the mixer, hence resulting in a certain kind of resistance to a particular edge position and causing the knife to rotate in an unintentional and uncontrolled fashion (see fig. 1).
In such cases the cutting effi ciency is reduced considerably.
The power consumption increases disproportionately and can damage the drive shafts and couplings, or even in some extreme situations destroy these parts.
Frielo® Stop is able to reinforce itself in the correct
position on the outer edge of the auger for each individual
cutting edge through an embossed shape (see fig. 3), ensuring automatic correct positioning of the knife and making rotation impossible. It is mandatory that the knife will always be in the correct position (See fig. 2 - 5).

Since the Frielo® Stop system is patented, this type of knife cannot be purchased as replacement. The customer will therefore always use your genuine knives.
Should a customer, however, replace knives non genuine with a version without the Frielo® Stop system he will realise later during the use that the working is substantially worse than with your genuine knives, and will therefore return to the genuine knives when the next change is due.